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3 generations all living under the one roof at Penton Park, which is first and foremost our family home. Doug and Viv (“Granny and Granddad”), Guy and Danielle (“Mum and Dad”), Elizabeth and Georgiana (“the twins”), and Camilla (“the baby”)!

On a few days of the working week we open up the doors of our beautiful family home to offer a unique environment for members of the disabled community to come and spend time at James’s Place. The rest of the week Penton Park is our private family home, except when we find ourselves hosting weddings, private parties, film crews, or conference bookings, there is never a dull moment!

Anyone arriving at Penton Park will immediately notice the family feel with family pictures around the house and the dog bed at the front door.  You’re welcome to move the pictures and put up your own, and we always put the dog bed well out of sight during our events.

Danielle is usually the one who’ll meet you at your viewing, and Guy is nearly always the one serving drinks on events.  We love sharing our home and we absolutely love seeing you, your friends and family relaxing in our home!


Wedding Venue

First tried and tested by Guy and Danielle on their very own wedding day, Penton Park immediately showed what a great place it could be for celebrating in style!

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Conference Venue

A world away from stuffy conference rooms that are traditionally associated with corporate days out, Penton Park's rooms are beautifully decorated & located in a peaceful environment.

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Filming Venue

This family home is ideally situated for ease of access to both central London, via road or rail, and also central Bristol.

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